Moorflix Survey 2017

Moorflix hosted a survey in April 2017 to help decide how to proceed in the coming years. There were a number of points raised where we felt it was worth taking the time to explain the position so the list below hopefully addresses those.

How do we choose our films

  • Across a whole season we try to cover a range of different genres and tastes.
  • We only show films that at least one of us have seen and choose those films based on critic reviews and wider community cinema discussions.
  • We need to locate a distributor in order to licence the films. This is more difficult for independent films and the licence cost is often prohibitive. A licence ranges from £100-£160.
  • Not every film is available to licence, e.g. the early Star Wars films and The Sound of Music!
  • In previous seasons, with low attendances and a lower ticket price, we were losing money on less well know independent films so favoured more popular better known films where we could cover our costs.

The vast majority of our audience are happy with our film choice from feedback from the survey and bean countings. Persuading enough people to attend less mainstream films can be difficult but we are always looking for those opportunities. We are obviously located in a rural area and the total number of possible guests is about 50 with an average of about 25 attending. If we had regular attendences of say 40 people, we could take more risks by straying from mainstream films.

The Village Hall Environment

  • We know Temple Village Hall has good sound qualities, especially due to the work of Crispin!
  • However for some vocals, particularly lower American male voices, it can be poor. This is a common issue across all community cinemas.
  • The sound quality is monitored through each showing and adjusted as necessary, although we are positioned at the rear of the hall.
  • We have offered subtitles before but the audiences at the time were not keen on those.
  • The temperature in the hall varies depending where you are sitting. We see people putting on coats and taking off coats and try to react accordingly.


  • Advertising - we (Alexander) flyer all of Temple Village for each showing. We have previously flyered Carrington and North Middleton with poor results. We put up posters for each showing in Temple and season posters in Carrington, North Middleton and Gorebridge Library. We've previously put posters up in Tesco at Eskbank. We pay for facebook adverts to extend our communications to a wider audience. We are included in the Midlothian Science Festival brochure for each of our event showings. In summary, we rarely get guests from outside the Temple surrounding area except for a few regulars.
  • Children's films - in the past year we have had a number of showings which only 5 children attended. With those films making such a loss and with there being little demand, we have decided to stop showing children's films for now.
  • Teen Films - we took much pride in past years when our audience included a number of young teens, often watching films targeted at a more mature demographic, however we've lost most of them as they moved into their mid-teens. We have attempted to arrange several showings targeted at those teens but it has not worked out due to their busy social lives!
  • Our website and pre-showing trailers give details of both our Show It Yourself and Hire arrangements but we have never received any enquiries to those.
  • Our agreement with Midlothian Council currently only allows us to host showings in Temple Village Hall.


We always welcome discussions and suggestions from our audience so please feel free to chat to us at showings or send us an email.

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