Moorflix For Hire

In an effort to keep our costs down and make the cinema more accessible to everyone in Moorfoot, we are offering Moorflix for hire!

We can provide the people, equipment and expertise to run a film showing on your behalf. This can include private parties, community events and commercial/business events.

Costs depend on the location of the showing and the film chosen.

Prices are listed on the right, please get in touch if you have any queries.

Moorflix For Hire Prices
  • Free Community Event - £30
  • Private Party - £60
  • School/Arts Showing - £100
  • Commercial Event - £150

In addition to our hire charge, you will need to pay for hall hire and a film licence. Films have different licencing costs depending on the distributor. We will quote any costs for the licence in our response - generally they will cost £100. We can liaise with Temple Village Hall Committee to arrange hall bookings.

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