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In the summer of 2009, while The Wicker Tree movie was being filmed in the Temple area, a group of people thought it would be good to make their own "blockbuster". Filming took place from July through to January 2010 and over 200 local people took part in some way. "The Undiscovered" was premiered in Temple Village Hall in March and it was a great community event. While all involved were new to acting and the film making process, thoughts soon went to "what's next?".

Moorfoot Community Films was formed to encourage film making in the local area and provide support for any new ideas. We hope to purchase some equipment and do some animation workshops for children in the near future. In 2011, we won the BFFS Jim Dempster Award for Innovation for community filmmaking.

The next "feature" began filming in May 2010 has been running for many months but the premiere is now planned for 1st/2nd October 2011 - see the details on the right.

There are a couple of community ideas to document the lives and history of people in Temple which we hope will lead to more film-making in the near future.

In April 2011, via Moorfoot Community Council, the Scottish Community Foundation awarded us £1000 grant for film making equipment from the Scottish and Southern Energy Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. This equipment will be used to improve audio quality and hold animation workshops.

If you have any interest in these community projects, please get in touch.


We received funding from the Scottish Community Foundation/Moorfoot Community Council for Audio Recording and Green Screen Equipment.


A Sense of Purpose (2015)
A Film By Iain Hyslop & Graham Binks

We were approached by volunteer groups in Midlothian to make a short film highlighting some of the invaluable work that happens every day in the county.

Short Cuts(2011)
A Film By Ashe Tait & Iain Hyslop

The Grand Premiere and Children's Premiere was held on 1st and 2nd October 2011.

To read more about the project and order DVDs, click here.

The Undiscovered (2010)
A Film By Jackie Gibb & Iain Hyslop

The Grand Premiere and Children's Premiere was held in March 2010.

To read more about the project and order DVDs, click here.

the undiscovered
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If you are interested in making films either in front or behind the cameras, please get in touch.

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